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Perusse Family Law & Mediation Services, LLC


Hire a Firm with 20 Years of Experience in Family Law. 

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Many people looking for a divorce attorney, do so with mixed emotions of anxiety, distrust, anger or perhaps even relief.  I understand you are worried about the toll a divorce may take on your family and your finances.  Let my legal expertise take the worry off your shoulders.

I offer practical and realistic guidance about the substantive law, available legal tools, practice trends and potential outcomes. Settlement out of court is often the best solution for everyone.  But, sometimes going to trial is necessary and I will be aggressive on your behalf. I don't work alone.  I evaluate your case and then decide the appropriate team of professionals to assist on the case.  We will be partners in the process and work toward achieving your goals. 

Clients have the option of choosing limited representation or full service representation. In certain cases, a flat fee option is also available.  I like to help people in any way I can.  So, don't go it alone.  There is too much at stake to try to figure it out by yourself.

Hire Perusse Family Law and you will get:

  • personal service and attention to your case
  • strong and effective legal representation
  • cost-efficient strategies
  • a customized team of professionals guiding you through your case


Call 952-921-5878 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a consultation and let my many years of experience as a divorce attorney help you with your family law matter.   


Read what clients have to say about Cindy Perusse

Carl A. ~client 2011

Cindy Perusse is what an attorney should be: Straightforward, direct, honest, and reliable. 

At the same time, Cindy was warm and supportive which I needed at that time. She handled herself, the client (me!), and the opposing attorney with grace and integrity. There was none of that incomprehensible legal mumbo jumbo to explain why we couldn't do what made perfect sense to me. If it made sense to me and didn't violate the law, that's what we did. If she had another idea, she would made her point, explaining the legal aspects clearly, and patiently answer my questions. In the end, it was still up to me. Cindy listened to my thoughts and desires and made them reality to the extent the law allows. 

Her rates are reasonable when compared with the market and especially reasonable given the very conservative way she counts her time. I several times found myself wondering how she could accomplish so much in the amount of time she had listed on the invoice. 

When I needed some legal help outside of Cindy's area of expertise, she didn't do what attorneys have done to me in the past, which is to just grab a name from their law school alumni book or some other association to score some networking points. She recommended an equally talented attorney with whom she has actually worked in the past and offered a substantial and detailed endorsement. That also worked out well for me. 

A very close (male) friend recommended Cindy as she had handled his divorce as well. He's not with us anymore and I don't propose to speak for him but his enthusiastic recommendation was a big factor in my decision to hire Cindy. I recommended Cindy to another (female) close friend who was also extremely pleased with the work Cindy did for her. 

Cindy is warm, personable, very smart, strong when necessary, and a lady with class. 

I unreservedly endorse and recommend her.

Matt M. ~client 2013

Cindy is a consummate professional who is diligent and attentive to my concerns. She is driven to win and puts her client's interests ahead of everything else. Her direct approach in solving my problems by listening and asking probing questions eased my apprehensions. Cindy's legal wherewithal is undoubtedly why she is the best in her field of Family Law. I highly recommend Ms. Perusse and her law firm for any family matter that needs expeditious legal resolution.  


Kirsten K. ~client 2010

"Cindy Perusse was recommended to me as an expert in jurisdiction issues. During my lengthy divorce Cindy provided direction support, and most importantly expert representation. She took me from living in an abusive marriage to being a full time college student, senate president and confident women. I intend to retain Cindy Perusse for all of my future legal matters. She lives a life of integrity, honor and belief in standing up for those who desperately need a hero.” April 23, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity."

Dorian P.~client 2008

I hired Cindy as my attorney for my divorce. Due to the fact that my first attorney didn't work out, I hired Cindy at the last minute. She admirably stepped up to the plate and did a marvelous job. She was truly my advocate, my voice where I had none. She understood my tendency to not fight for what is right, because I fear confrontation and I have a big heart to a fault. I needed someone knowledgeable who could guide me as to what a fair settlement for all concerned was and give me a little nudge in the right direction when I got scared. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through a divorce.

Tom H. ~client 2009

"Cindy M. Perusse clearly defines, "Above the Rest." She is an experienced attorney supporting Father's rights in the Family Law realm! Knowledgeable, consistent, and attentive to the child’s needs are just a few additional attributes Cindy displays. Her court presence and delivery brings out the true meaning of being prepared. Her reputation stands on her merits " Highly effective and successful"! We are fortunate to be represented by Cindy M. Perusse!"

Ernest P. ~ client 2009

"Cindy Perusse has represented my interest with integrity and competence for two years. She has kept me informed of all developments pertaining to my case, which has given me a peace of mind I hadn’t known with previous lawyers. Her vast knowledge of family court proceedings has exceeded my expectations. I’d recommend Mrs. Perusse to anyone seeking an effective lawyer who gets results."


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