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Perusse Family Law & Mediation Services, LLC


Hire a Firm with 20 Years of Experience in Family Law. 

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Many people looking for a divorce attorney, do so with mixed emotions of anxiety, distrust, anger or perhaps even relief.  I understand you are worried about the toll a divorce may take on your family and your finances.  Let my legal expertise take the worry off your shoulders.

I offer practical and realistic guidance about the substantive law, available legal tools, practice trends and potential outcomes. Settlement out of court is often the best solution for everyone.  But, sometimes going to trial is necessary and I will be aggressive on your behalf. I don't work alone.  I evaluate your case and then decide the appropriate team of professionals to assist on the case.  We will be partners in the process and work toward achieving your goals. 

Clients have the option of choosing limited representation or full service representation. In certain cases, a flat fee option is also available.  I like to help people in any way I can.  So, don't go it alone.  There is too much at stake to try to figure it out by yourself.

Hire Perusse Family Law and you will get:

  • personal service and attention to your case
  • strong and effective legal representation
  • cost-efficient strategies
  • a customized team of professionals guiding you through your case

Call 952-921-5878 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a consultation and let my many years of experience as a divorce attorney help you with your family law matter.   


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